So what

..if it’s been nearly a month since I last posted? Lay off me, I’m starving! And I’m sure you’re hungry, too, but hopefully there’s no hard feelings. Fortunately, my lack of writing has not translated to a lack of running. February was short in days but not in distance.

I’ve finished a 15K in Florida with the fam, helped my sister train for a half marathon, and bought a pair of new kicks from a not-so-distant cousin who happens to be a rockin’ runner herself.

Now, for the official recap:

The 1st annual Kennedy family Gasparilla in Tampa, FL (after getting snowed in NY last year) was a success from start to finish (pun intended). From the on-time flights to the free schwag at the  expo (Pirate’s Booty, anyone?) to the PERFECT weather, it was a weekend to remember. Who knew running a race on “vacation” could be so fun? I PR-ed and made it into the paper for Top 50 women, Ian ran the farthest he has ever run, Liz and Jamie kicked butt as usual, and my dad finished faster than expected. Not to mention my mom was the best–and loudest–cheerleader on Bayshore Boulevard.

Beer never tasted so good. Carbs!

Lookin' pretty fine after a fiery 15K!

Cindy Lou-who? Cindy Lou the loudest cheerleader!

Cut to the next weekend when Liz and I traded the 80 degree weather and flat, waterfront course for the interminable hills of Central Park. We ran 11 long miles in preparation for Liz’s More Half Marathon in the park on April 3rd. Go, Liz!

It was some point during the 9.3 and 11 mile runs that I decided I needed a new pair of shoes. And I was going to get them the right way– at Jack Rabbit Sports. Not only did I pick the perfect pair of purple Asics 2160s after testing them out on the house treadmill, but I also met a distant family member of mine.

As it turns out, my dad’s cousin’s daughter (did you get that?) works at Jack Rabbit and is a seasoned runner and coach. She gave me tips on the best running groups in the city and invited me to join her on a run. If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I couldn’t ask for much more when it comes to running and camaderie. Well, maybe faster times, but who’s counting?